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You no longer need to be a geek to make payments with your phone.
Last week, iPhone 6 users got Apple Pay, a free service that lets users buy things in stores and inside apps using a digital version of your credit card and thumbprint. Soon after Apple switched it on, users could make purchases in stores with just a wave from the iPhone 6.
Google, PayPal and others tried for years to get people to pay using mobile phones and their systems actually made shopping harder instead of easing it. Apple Pay does not require you to set up an account or preload it with cash. There isn’t an app required in order to make payments and the need for a password either. Checkout is more secure than using plastic.
Apple Pay has altered the way we perceive our phones, not forgetting our wallets that are perpetually full of credit cards and cash. It is the first such service that can be trusted for its security and consistency which are fundamental in taking a digital wallet to a mainstream level.
It just got started. A couple of chain stores have withdrawn its support for the Apple Pay. To alter our deep-rooted way of paying with plastic or cash, Apple Pay needs to inculcate a couple of more capabilities such as buy-10get-1 free punch cards which actually give you more reason to pay using a phone.
Nevertheless, Apple Pay is our best chance of putting our already overstuffed wallets on a digital diet. Anybody with a new iPhone should try it out.
To set up Apple Pay, click on the plus sign in the included Passbook app. This is only done once. The app will prompt you to add an existing credit card by typing its digits or by taking a photo. (More details here.)

Mobile App Technology

Apple works with most big credit and debit cards, which take only a matter of minutes to add to your phone. Cards from the smaller banks, corporate cards and store-branded cards are yet to catch up. (Apple is working to fix this.)
While at the store, look out for an Apple Pay logo or the more popular universal contactless payment logo with a sideways Wi-Fi symbol approaching it. While making payment, hold your iPhone near the credit card terminal. There isn’t tapping or swapping involved, instead, the connections happens over a wireless system called a near-field communication (NFC). When your iPhone is close enough, your credit card’s image appears on the screen, even when your phone is asleep or while you are playing “Candy Crush Saga.” When you are ready to pay, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to approve the transaction. In case you don’t intend to pay with your default card, just tap one and complete the transaction using the finger scan. Nobody’s finger can work unless you have them registered on your phone.

The evolution of payment continues; from cash to credit cards to smartphones continues with Apple Pay.

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